Tips to Maintain Bamboo Boards

Bamboo products have been highly popular among people from all walks of life. It is used for cookware, flooring, furniture, jewellery and designing attractive and durable cutting boards. Bamboo boards for cutting are used widely across the globe. Having a bamboo board is an investment that needs close to nil maintenance, however keeping into mind the following things you can add to the looks and life of the board.

Avoid machines

Make sure that you do not clean cutting board in the dishwasher. The heat as well as sustained water might be the cause of crack or warp. Avoid keeping it in the microwave. There arises no reason to stress the fibres of the board by subjecting it to extreme heat temperature, cracking and hastening dry. Regular maintenance as well as washing will inhibit or kill bacteria. Do not place hot pot on the cutting board else you might risk getting burn marks which are required to be sanded off.

Wet and warped!

Although it might need efforts to warp a bamboo board, however it is very much possible. There is no assured technique of reversing a warped cutting board; however you can try some trick which might work for the wooden boards. Soak the bamboo cutting board by dipping it in hot or warm water in the sink. Next, keep it on a flat surface having a flat board on top of it. Next weight the cutting board heavily. Free bricks, major stack of books, weights and stones can do it however weight should be heavy. Leave aside the cutting board so that it can reshape itself as and when it dries.

Choose separate cutting board!

Follow the safe protocol for any cutting board by using separate board for fish and raw meats, and for breads and vegetables. Salmonella bacteria which is present in the meat can seep into the microscopic fissures and dings from where it can get transferred to your salad. Avoid taking chances. All that you need to do is keep separate cutting boards, and follow cleaning methods from protecting you and family.

Keep bamboo boards clean!

It is the hardness as well as the tight grain of the bamboo cutting boards which make it one of the most preferred and safest boards. Scarring which appears from knives and water and steam reaction might create microscopic cracks and nicks which might turn into breeding ground for bacteria. While bamboo is scarring resistant and absorbs water neither, it is a fibre, thus require little care as well as cleaning. Every time after using, wash the board with hot or warm water. You can kill the bacteria by cleaning the board with diluted solution.

Following the above slated tips, you can keep bamboo boards clean. Buying a bamboo cutting board is one of the latest and eco-friendly ways in which you can contribute to the green tomorrow. In addition, such boards also add to the decor of you kitchen as they lend a fashionable look. So, buy one and make chopping easy.