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How to Clean Computer History Completely

Are you worried about someone else might find out what you have done on your computer? Are you aware that your computer is a potential threat to you? Your hard disk can record every activity you have made, from visited websites, chat history, documents, images, to even your PIN numbers and passwords. You are being spied on by your own computer and there is little that you can do about this.

On the other hand, you may know that these history records can also affect your computer performance. This is true: over time, with more and more history records stored on your computer, they would take up lots of your computer space which absolutely will slow down your computer. In a word, as a computer user, you should know how to clear history on computer.

Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer 8, please open Tools and then visit Delete Browsing History. There is a listing of option available to ensure that you can save data from favorite websites for instance. Choose the items that you would like to remove the history and temporary internet files.

Actually Internet Explorer now has a function of In Private browsing in which the browser stores nothing: no history, cookies or temporary internet files. To begin a private browsing session, you ought to click Tools menu and then select In Private Browsing or press the shortcut key combination of Ctrl+Shift+P.


If you are using FireFox 3.6.x, in order to clear history, first go to Tools and then choose Clear Recent History. Now you are able to choose any history records you want to clear. This is easy. To prevent FireFox from remembering history files, you have to choose to get rid of history every time you close the browser. Just click on Tools, and then click Options, Privacy. Here you should pick Clear History When Firefox Closes. Also you cannot choose Remember My Browsing History so that FireFox will not remember anything.

Much more efficient way to clear computer history

However, with so much internet fraud, not to mention viruses or others online, anti-virus software is just far from protecting privacy and PC secure. And you may realize that the internet is not as safe they thought it to be and that programs are needed to erase hard drive. At the same time, you find that many of the records are unable to be cleared absolutely. Even they clear the trash, the documents can be recovered.

Then how to do? Fortunately, now you can try some cleaner tools. With such a tool, completely clear history on computer will never be a problem.