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Can t Catch All Malwares Still Why You Need to Use it

Every second there are 2.3 unique malware variations developed, so it is evidently proved that it is not possible for any premier antivirus software to detect the onslaught of latest malwares, nevertheless, it is still significant to use signature detection to keep your computer relatively risk free from the threats.

Signature antivirus companies first identify the malicious behavior of a file, then they create a program or hash file, which is a unique number that identifies the file through a string of text. Moreover, the companies evaluate the possibilities of the nature of the file and solution to render it smoothly. The developer first text the signature and update the database before applying to the system. It is not an easy task because sometimes developers need to evaluate the malicious file and treat it accordingly.

Most of the antivirus software can’t catch everything that is targeted at Windows users but still there are tricks and tips of antivirus that prevent your computer from the attack of malwares.

Two defensive steps to prevent malware attacks

The first system is to restrict Windows user that is walled against the penetration to the core of the operating system. To simply put, the defensive mechanism restricts malwares to insert or update or delete any file from the C:Windows folder. There is no full proof against any malware, but at least you can keep in much safer position to make it restricted users.

Another defensive mechanism is remaining skeptical about updates that pop up in your computer now and then. Suppose you are using an Apple app that claims to be need an update, you can trust it, but if on a Window machine, a pop up comes in, claiming that an update is needed to Flash, it is more likely an open window for malware attack. Similarly, email users need to be careful that any malware can easily be passed through a “great looking” FROM address or subject line.

Alternative methods to Windows users

If you are pretty much sure that your computer is free from malware, think again. Most of the malware are silent and invisible and it will come to effect after a long time.

CDs are safer but they are slow, so you can boot a Windows system to Linux running off a USB flash drive.You may try Chrome book (obviously this is not advertising for Google). Chrome book runs a tough version of Linux that automatically updates.For your banking and other sensitive work, use an iPad/iPhone app, and be careful of WiFi networks you are connected with.

How to convert a Windows computer with both Admin user and a restricted user

First go to Control Panel and then go to User Accounts

Assign password to User1.

Create an admin user with the same password as User1

Log off user1 and log on to Admin user

Go back to User Accounts in the Control Panel

You need to restrict the user1 admin

Log off User1 Admin

What Is IPTV Here Are 5 Quick Tips

With the field of technology changing almost daily, it is becoming more and more difficult to get to grips with what’s new in this field. The problem is also determining what might be truly important to your home or office environment.

IPTV falls into this group as a lot of people have heard of it, but don’t really know what it is intended to do. They might know that the BBC iPlayer utilizes this modern technology, but are there any other day-to-day uses for this?

Well without doubt there certainly are, and many different sectors are presently reaping the rewards form this ingenious and valuable form of technology.

Listed here are 5 things relating to IPTV which will help you get to grips with some of its broader uses and advantages:

  1. By utilizing IPTV to stream TV and Video, full end user choice and control of channels can be possible. Obviously you would require a network outlet enabling a Television or Computer to be hooked up. A good broadband connection will also be needed.
  2. Increased levels of flexibility is achievable by using this type of system, and this is often particularly beneficial regarding company branding. The on screen interface makes it possible for total and simple control and customization of imagery and color to mirror corporate branding. This capability will be important for numerous businesses.
  3. Any type of TV or video signal could be distributed over IPTV including: Freeview TV, Satellite TV, pre-recorded material that is excellent in education and also training, and also company broadcasting. The digital technology permits this material to be viewed at the best quality for all to see from numerous display screens and computers.
  4. Digital signage is another very important area, which is essentially the utilization of TVs to project premium quality imagery and valuable information. This opens up the flood gates for digital signage to be used in a number of environments for example, airport terminals, railway stations, supermarkets and sporting events. The truth is the list of where digital signage might be an incredibly beneficial facility is endless.
  5. Extensive management control is achievable allowing the fine tuning of what is viewed, when it is shown as well as where. Updating and editing of output is very simple from the administrative interface.

The great thing about this sort of technology is that it can play an incredibly effective and helpful role in a good many areas of life, not merely affluent hi-tech establishments. The reality that such a large number of schools and colleges are now integrating these systems speaks volumes regarding is capability and cost. There’s no doubt in my mind that we have still thus far untapped uses for IPTV.

How Secure is Your Connected Home

Home automation is a wonderful thing. Its turns the lights on whenever you enter a room, it locks the door and windows, and makes sure no one gets in without you knowing about it. Smart thermostats can even adjust the room temperature so you don’t have to feel too hot or cold. Yes, living in a connected home which operates by the Internet of Things is just one of those perks that you just wouldn’t want to do without. But, just like everything else in life, living in a fully automated home also leaves it open to security issues. Here we are going talk about just a few of them and the ways in which you can keep your home safe.

Always Use a Firewall

Home automation is simple when you think of it. For instance, using a simple smart light socket that can be controlled via your smartphone means that the smartphone uses the internet to talk to the device. This also means that those using the internet can also talk back. This is the reason why using a firewall is so important while installing any home automation device that is “always on.”

There are also some devices like the IP security cameras which suggest that you can make the setup a lot easier by just exposing the device to the internet. And while it does rely on password protection along with self contained web pages in order to stay secure, sadly, we have learnt the hard way that these devices are not reliable when it comes to security. But, you can take precautions by simply using a stronger password and always keep them locked behind a firewall, preferably one that has port forwarding configured.

Check for Security Updates

According to the latest technology blog on security, the first thing you should do when you unpack and plugin the smart device is to check for firmware updates. Like most peripherals, the odds that it already has the latest firmware on it is really low and it’s likely that there is an update out there. So, go to the manufacturer’s website and get the update right away because software patches are necessary for keeping those devices safe online.

Get Your Own VPN

You can really make your connected home secure by using your own VPN or virtual private network. A VPN basically gives you the ability to securely connect to the smart appliances in your home from a remote location. A VPN does that by creating a private connection between you and your home network so that all information running between you and the device in your home is encrypted. In short, a VPN actually enables homeowners to open up their smart appliances to the internet, but not the internet as a whole, which keeps them safe from prying eyes. You can either use one of the premium VPN services available online or just roll your own VPN with tools such as OpenVPN or Raspberry Pi.

Get Educated

At the end of the day, it is important to understand that the weakest link in home automation that leads to security breaches is usually the home owner (that’s you!). This is why it is important to take the time and educate yourself on the various ways in which you can make your smart home safe from malicious users who could use your devices for their own malevolent purposes. Picture this; your IP camera being plastered all over the internet so that everyone can see what you are doing at home without your knowledge. Or, your home’s smart thermostat gets turned into a subject of script kiddies for a quick laugh. While these may seem farfetched, they can still happen according to the latest technology blog, and it’s your job to make sure it doesn’t.

Ending Note

It is no secret that the proliferation of smart devices into our homes has also opened the doors to new and unforeseen dangers we never knew existed. While the same technologies which give us these complex devices which in turn are used in our homes, actually increases the potential of security vulnerabilities. Hopefully using these tips will help you keep your connected home safe while using the Internet of Things.

Tips to Maintain Bamboo Boards

Bamboo products have been highly popular among people from all walks of life. It is used for cookware, flooring, furniture, jewellery and designing attractive and durable cutting boards. Bamboo boards for cutting are used widely across the globe. Having a bamboo board is an investment that needs close to nil maintenance, however keeping into mind the following things you can add to the looks and life of the board.

Avoid machines

Make sure that you do not clean cutting board in the dishwasher. The heat as well as sustained water might be the cause of crack or warp. Avoid keeping it in the microwave. There arises no reason to stress the fibres of the board by subjecting it to extreme heat temperature, cracking and hastening dry. Regular maintenance as well as washing will inhibit or kill bacteria. Do not place hot pot on the cutting board else you might risk getting burn marks which are required to be sanded off.

Wet and warped!

Although it might need efforts to warp a bamboo board, however it is very much possible. There is no assured technique of reversing a warped cutting board; however you can try some trick which might work for the wooden boards. Soak the bamboo cutting board by dipping it in hot or warm water in the sink. Next, keep it on a flat surface having a flat board on top of it. Next weight the cutting board heavily. Free bricks, major stack of books, weights and stones can do it however weight should be heavy. Leave aside the cutting board so that it can reshape itself as and when it dries.

Choose separate cutting board!

Follow the safe protocol for any cutting board by using separate board for fish and raw meats, and for breads and vegetables. Salmonella bacteria which is present in the meat can seep into the microscopic fissures and dings from where it can get transferred to your salad. Avoid taking chances. All that you need to do is keep separate cutting boards, and follow cleaning methods from protecting you and family.

Keep bamboo boards clean!

It is the hardness as well as the tight grain of the bamboo cutting boards which make it one of the most preferred and safest boards. Scarring which appears from knives and water and steam reaction might create microscopic cracks and nicks which might turn into breeding ground for bacteria. While bamboo is scarring resistant and absorbs water neither, it is a fibre, thus require little care as well as cleaning. Every time after using, wash the board with hot or warm water. You can kill the bacteria by cleaning the board with diluted solution.

Following the above slated tips, you can keep bamboo boards clean. Buying a bamboo cutting board is one of the latest and eco-friendly ways in which you can contribute to the green tomorrow. In addition, such boards also add to the decor of you kitchen as they lend a fashionable look. So, buy one and make chopping easy.